Goodbye Letter To My Addiction

It’s like being in the most challenging relationship one could ever imagine, where the looming presence of pain and turmoil constantly blocks happiness.

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  • You said I was smarter than other people, even more attractive.
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  • I started a new job, got a girlfriend, and started to forget you.
  • All you ever did was take and take, but you never gave.
  • Sure, there were times when I missed you when I felt weak or bored without you, but I was happy.

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  • I know that I can hear you shouting for me at times, calling me back to hang around with you.
  • This is my goodbye letter to drugs, a rejection of the destructive path you led me down.
  • It’s been quite some time now since I left you and that grave; that was 5 years and some change ago.
  • Because of you, I’ve spent nights in jail, I lost my license, my job, my marriage, and my kids won’t speak to me.

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  • I was too scared to leave you before.
  • Thank you for the good memories and I’ll try to forget the bad.
  • All I wanted to do was make changes in my life that would be for the better.
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You physically and mentally made me sick, and yet I still kept you around. People thought I loved goodbye letter to alcohol examples you more, but that was far from the truth. Addiction, you’re a liar, a thief, and a cruel master.

goodbye letter to alcohol template

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Step 3: Write from the heart

You were there throughout my wedding and my early days of marriage. You saw me have our firstborn child, then my second born…and continued to be with me all the time. But yes, to follow this process, we highly recommend that you create an actual letter, and address the reader (in this case, this would be the drink).

What is a Goodbye Letter to Addiction?

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How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Alcohol & Drugs

goodbye letter to alcohol template

I’m responsible for my own behavior now. I know I’ll never completely forget my first love – no one ever really does. At a medical detox center, I missed you every second of the day. I was sick with withdrawal from you, but I felt your hold weakening. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before.

A goodbye letter to addiction is similar to journaling because you are still writing down your emotions, and you will likely feel some of the same effects. It serves as a personal outlet for any feelings you may be struggling to come to terms with. A goodbye letter to alcohol or drugs can also help you in the future as a physical symbol of your commitment to changing for the better.

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Sure, there were times when I missed you when I felt weak or bored without you, but I was happy. This is my goodbye addiction letter, a declaration of my newfound strength and independence. You threatened me with illness, depression, anxiety. I reached a point where I wouldn’t go anywhere without you. The other people I was with were bothered by that, and they began to avoid me because they didn’t like you — and they no longer liked the “me” I had become.